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AH & Deater

Stephen Chow
28 min readNov 23, 2021


AH: If he does show up this is going to be like having a conversation with a homeless person outside a convenience store, but I think it’ll have a lot of entertainment value, so…It was funny, Deater said he was gonna punch me, and I was like, Bro, you’re like 5' 4" in real life. Like, no offense, but don’t come up and try and punch me — it’s not gonna work out well.

Host: Okay we got Deater in the house.

Deater: Yo, bitch.

AH: What’s up?

Host: So here, I’ll go ahead and just go off-mic and let you two just hash out whatever you need to hash out. I won’t allow any other speakers, so no one will be ganging up on each other. And have at it.

AH: What’s up midget?

Deater: How does Peter’s dick taste?

AH: Like crumpets.

Deater: Dude, you’re the fakest fuck on Twitter.

AH: Is this all you’ve got, dude?

Deater: You’re a little bitch.

AH: Is this all you’ve got?

Deater: You’re a little fucking attention whore. You come here, you’re like, Oh, I’m retired off Bitcoin. I’m bored and I have nothing to do. Let me just go like stroke with all of these guys and make myself seem relevant.

AH: Deater, that’s the same thing you fucking do. You’re the same person. What are you talking about? You circle jerk a bunch of people that are also unhinged morons like yourself. It’s still a circle jerk, dumbass.

Deater: Yeah. I do that? No, no, no, no: we’re in the same situation, but you’re a weak little bitch, and I’m not. Dude, you’re a weak little bitch.

AH: Remember how you didn’t show up to the conference because you’re too scared of people in real life? Even though you fucking — well I’m not gonna say that, but. Even — I’m not gonna say it. I don’t want to dox anybody. You didn’t show up to the conference, bro. Come on. And you easily could’ve gone.

Deater: Yeah. I didn’t show up to the Binance thing. That was —

AH: And you didn’t have good reasons to not go, you’re just too scared to see people in real life.

Deater: Bull-fucking-shit, dude. You think they’re not good reasons? No. You think they’re not good reasons because you’re a fucking circle jerker.

AH: You’re 5' 4", bro. You’re 5'-fucking-4". Are you kidding me? Try and push me in real life. Do it.

Deater: You’re a circle jerker. You get off on feeling relevant. That’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re here, dude. Period. I sit by the fucking pool all day, too.

AH: You were such a fucking pussy, dude. You were such a fucking pussy. For real. You wouldn’t even show up in real life.

Deater: Dude. I don’t want to go to a fucking Binance convention.

AH: “I don’t want to go to the conference because I’m 5' 4" and I don’t want to get strangled if I try and punch somebody.”

Deater: No, dude. I would fuck you up! I would fuck you up. You know why? Because I have real fucking passion. I would try to kill you. You’ll be fighting — I’ll be trying to kill you. Because I have passion and you don’t.

AH: You’re fucking tiny, dude. “You don’t even know me, bro! I’ve got so much heart. I’ve got so much heart bro that when I get in a fight bro it’s not the fucking size of the dog, it’s the size of the fight in the dog, you know what I mean, bro? Come on, bro”— That’s what you do.

Deater: Yeah. That’s literally true. That’s true. So you have a micro-dick, and you gotta be circle jerking to feel good about yourself. And it sucks. It fucking sucks, dude.

AH: Everybody knows 6.15, which is: that’s average — in many regions — I just want to let you know that.

Deater: 7.34. Dude. You fucking suck. You’re here to milk the scene for your own fucking pleasure. You don’t give a fuck about Bitcoin. You don’t give a fuck about any of that.

AH: Exactly how am I milking the scene? How am I milking the scene? How? Be specific, you faggot.

Deater: Because — dude! You’re stroking Peter! You’re a fucking faggot, dude.

AH: What the fuck does that mean? I go on Peter’s podcast. Okay?

Deater: Yes.

AH: How is that stroking Peter? I’m not paid by Peter. I’m not on Peter’s payroll.

Deater: Because he’s an obvious fucking phony.

AH: Never taken a dollar from Peter. In fact, I’m down a half a Bitcoin to Peter—if you fucking listened to the podcast, which is not — you know, that’s not pleasant. To be down a half a Bitcoin, okay? So really, Peter has gotten more value out of the relationship than I have. I don’t know what fucking point you’re making?

Deater: Because — dude. There’s fucking news, man. There’s the biggest wave of news of all time. And you’re this perceived pleb — even though you’re a fake fucking pleb, okay?—you’re this perceived pleb, and then they see you fucking stroking Peter and giving him legitimacy. It fucking sucks, dude. You’re pathetic.

AH: What does that — dude. I’m a nobody, okay?

Deater: Yes! I know you’re a nobody—and so am I. But that’s why he wanted you on there.

AH: Like, my following is not large. Dude, listen: his show does huge fucking numbers…Hey no shut up, dumbass — How am I giving Peter’s show legitimacy when Peter’s show does huge fucking numbers and I’m a nobody?

Deater: It’s because—you won’t shut the fuck up and listen, okay? He got you on there as a PR move for plebs. That’s it. You are a fucking nobody!

AH: Well it seems to be working real fucking good then, doesn’t it, Deater? Because all I have do deal with all day is fucking plebs going, “Oh you’re on fucking McCormack to suck his dick — blah, blah, blah.” Listen: I go on McCormack’s show—like every podcast guest — for my own fucking ends. I don’t go on there for McCormack. I go on there for myself, because I have messages I want to get out. There’s a huge amount of new people listening to that show.

Deater: Dude, you’re on there because you’re a thirsty bitch. You’re on there because you’re a thirsty little bitch.

AH: Hey, why don’t you fucking talk less in Twitter-speak and actually outline what the fuck you’re trying to say, because all you’re doing is making baseless accusations, Deater. You have no evidence for shit. You’re a little tiny midget-person in real life.

Deater: Dude, no. You came on there trying to act like a fucking pleb, but you’re a thirsty bitch.

AH: You know what I’m saying? You were too scared to go to the conference, even though you easily could’ve gone to the conference. Come on.

Deater: You’re a thirsty bitch. That’s it. You’re just a thirsty bitch. You don’t give a fuck about Bitcoin. You don’t give a fuck about any of this.

AH: Dude. You didn’t want to go to the conference because your real life persona and your online identity are fully disconnected. That’s why you didn’t want to go. You’re not like this in real life. You’re everyone’s bitch in real life. You know that.

Deater: Ahhhhh.

AH: That’s how you walk through your entire existence, dude.

Deater: Ahhhhh. Because I’m the thirsty one?

AH: What the fuck are you talking about?

Deater: So I’m the thirsty — dude, I sit by the fucking pool every day too, dude. But I don’t use that to be able to garner this like fucking following, “I’m thirsty as fuck, I gotta be like I’m relevant, I gotta like be like in the eye of all the people, and like I’m the one, I’m the one.” Dude, fuck you. You’re not the only one sitting by a goddamn pool, dude. You’re not. You’re not.

AH: Bro, the plan is for all of us to be sitting by a goddamn pool. That’s the plan.

Deater: No it’s not.

AH: Yes it is!

Deater: You’re a pandering fuck! You are a pandering fuck.

AH: I want to get people wealthy off of Bitcoin. Do you not also want the same thing for people?

Deater: You don’t give a fuck about anyone, dude. You are here for you. Period. You even just admitted it: “Oh, I go on Peter’s show for my own ends.”

AH: Everyone’s here for themselves, you fucking retard. You’re not here for other people. Everyone is here for themselves you fucking dumb piece of shit.

Deater: No, dude!

AH: Are you kidding me? You’re saying you’re not here for yourself?

Deater: I am here for everyone! I am here for freedom! I am here because I want the Central Banks to go down in fucking flames! You are here for you, dude. You are here for you.

AH: Come on, listen. You literally — Deater. Deater. Deater. You have posted pictures of your Infinity on these fucking Telegram group chats, flexing on plebs, saying things like, “[I] don’t have to fucking stack Bitcoin because [I’m] an OG,” and all this shit.

Deater: What? Dude, I regularly post me stacking.

AH: You do all the shit that you accuse other people of doing. Dude, I have all the screenshots — I’ll have to dig them up — but they’re there.

Deater: I regularly post me stacking.

AH: And everybody’s who’s been in those Telegram groups can [vouch] you used to say you didn’t stack. Are you retarded or something? You’re just gonna lie about this? There’s so many plebs who will back me up on this who were in those group chats.

Deater: For — …

AH: Seriously? You’re just gonna lie about this whole thing?

Deater: To say I didn’t stack?

AH: Dude. You used to say, in 2019–2020, that you didn’t have to stack because you had OG privilege. That’s what you would tell people.

Deater: No.

AH: Yes you did! Yes you fucking did. Somebody get the evidence on that and fucking post it. Because that’s real.

Deater: I said that, “If you’re an OG, your incentive to stack does go down.” This is period. Dude, you’re a thirsty fucking fuck. That’s it. You’re a thirsty fuck. That’s it. That’s it.

AH: What am I thirsty for, dude? What am I thirsty for?

Deater: Because you have a little dick — that’s why. You feel inferior.

AH: You’re doing great.

Deater: That’s why. Dude, when I got to the point where I could say, “Fuck you,” to the world and just lay by my pool all day, that was good! That’s it. Now I just cheer on Bitcoin taking over the fucking world. I’m not knocking on people’s doors — “Hey! Peter! Can you like let me be on your podcast?” Like, what? Like, dude, you’re thirsty as fuck. And you’re so thirsty, it just makes me think that you’re whole life — your whole persona — is just fucking fake, dude.

AH: Yeah I got a phone call. Are you gonna say anything else besides I’m thirsty this whole time?

Deater: It’s fucking fake. It’s fucking fake!

AH: Okay, cool, Deater. Cool, dude. Tell me how it’s fake?

Deater: Because I’ve been here for over 8 fucking years, man. I can read through the fucking lies. I can see —

AH: Okay. I’ve been here for fucking six and a half years.

Deater: Well no you haven’t!

AH: Yes I have, fuck-face.

Deater: No you haven’t.

AH: Yes I have — not on Twitter. But in Bitcoin.

Deater: Well I’ve been in fucking Twitter — in Bitcoin Twitter — for 8 fucking years.

AH: Okay, I don’t care. I didn’t used to use Twitter. Did you know that a lot of us didn’t use Twitter until the Blocksize War, right? It was more Reddit-based before that. You’re an OG — you know that.

Deater: Fuck Reddit. Reddit sucks.

AH: Yeah Reddit’s terrible, I agree.

Deater: Right. So — you’re a thirsty bitch. You like to gargle Peter’s balls.

AH: Tell me how I’m fake? Tell me how I’m fake? Tell me how I’m thirsty? Go ahead.

Deater: That’s it: you like to gargle influencer nutsack. That’s just all there is to it. That it. Like, you coming up in the world wasn’t even good enough.

AH: Wait, what?

Deater: You have to feel you’re the center of the attention, and like these people are following me, and like all this other bullshit. Dude, fuck you.

AH: By the way, have you checked out my BitClout? Have you looked at my BitClout?

Deater: Fuck you. Dude, Peter — I will take a picture of my rock-hard boner — seven and three-fourths inches — and send it to you! I will! And it won’t be the first time I’ve done it. So, like, whatever dude. Whatever.

AH: Fine. Post it. Hey. Hey. You really want to be about that life, post your dick on Twitter. Go ahead.

Deater: Dude.

AH: You wanna prove you’re not fake? Hey, you said you would do it. Post your dick. Post your dick on Twitter. You just said it. So are you gonna be fake, or are you gonna post your dick on Twitter?

Deater: I said I will send it to you.

AH: You just said it in front of 400 people, dude.

Deater: If you want to forward it to people — that’s fine.

AH: Okay. Send it to me first personally, and I will post it. I’d love to see your dick. Please send it my way.

Deater: Dude, okay, so —

AH: Don’t Google Image Search it. You gotta be legit about this, okay? I need like a BlockClock in the background or something.

Deater: This is what it comes down to, man: Peter is a proven fucking bad actor. Dude, like, all those guys have blocked me — who the fuck has blocked you? You piece of fucking shit. Okay? All those guys have blocked me because I actually go after them. And yesterday I created a side-account —

AH: Tons of people block me all the time. What are you talking about?

Deater: I created a side-account to see what those fucks are doing. It’s been literally years since I’ve seen what those fucks are doing.

AH: I know, you were showing me that you were watching @cryptomanran. You actually watched @cryptomanran, like you actually sat through one of his podcasts like a huge faggot.

Deater: I open it up, and I see Ran the Crypto guy doing some live show with Peter McCormack, okay? And Ran says to Peter, “Hey, I thought you were a maximalist?” And Peter goes, “No, I’m not a maximalist — I’ve never said that.” And then Ran goes, “No, on such-and-such show you said you were a maximalist!” And then he starts fumbling and stuttering and bumbling around, and then this other dickhead joins the show and they get off-topic, okay? Peter is a fucking phony. He promotes — he is in the shitcoiner’s circle. Period! So you being on his show is you directly promoting shitcoins and shitcoinery, and fakery, and being fucking phony, dude.

AH: Listen — No. I’m not here to defend Peter. Peter can defend himself.

Deater: You are in such a unique position that you don’t have to do anything, man.

AH: A lot of Peter’s shit is fucking retarded. I would never defend the shit he posts on Twitter.

Deater: You don’t have to do anything — so you choose to gargle Peter’s fucking balls?

AH: Dude, listen: Peter’s show has been Bitcoin-only for the last like 2 years, okay?

Deater: No.

AH: So that’s the only time I’ve been on the show in the last 2 years. I was not back on his show when he was promoting shitcoins. When I was going on his show, he was promoting Bitcoin. People ask me all the time to be on their stupid Crypto podcasts and I tell them, “No” for obvious reasons. I’m not going on a fucking Crypto podcast, okay?

Deater: He promotes, he still — dude. Do you think he’s actually changed? So you don’t think I get asked to do all that bullshit, too?

AH: What, to go on Crypto podcasts?

Deater: I told Peter — when Peter asked me to be on his show, I told Peter to go fuck himself.

AH: Yeah but you don’t because you’re a little bitch.

Deater: You said, “No no no no, Peter! Don’t pay me to be on your show, I’ll suck your balls for free, buddy.”

AH: Yeah, to be funny.

Deater: “I will suck your balls — I am so thirsty for relevancy, I will suck your balls for free.” It’s fucking pathetic, man. No one sticks up for any principles — no nothing.

AH: Dude I just love how the goalposts are constantly shifting, like if I got paid by Peter, I’m a paid shill. If I don’t get paid by Peter, well then I’m thirsty. You know what I mean? It’s like —

Deater: Yeah. You’re a thirsty bitch.

AH: Bro. Deater. This is your problem: you have no consistency. Like zero consistency. You have no principles. You have no integrity. You have no intellectual consistency.

Deater: I’m the only one that’s been fucking consistent you lying sack of shit.

AH: You just call everybody a scammer all the time, fuck-face, and then of course you’re gonna be right if you call every single person a scammer.

Deater: Bull. Shit, dude. Everyone in here [who] has followed me for years will say I am the most consistent person they’ve ever seen on fucking Twitter, dude. You’re the inconsistent fuck!

AH: People are gonna be fucking scammers. Of course people are gonna be scammers.

Deater: You are the inconsistent fuck.

AH: How am I inconsistent? How?

Deater: Because, “Oh! I’m a pleb! But no—at the same time I’m gonna suck Peter’s dick!” Like, what? It doesn’t make any sense, bro.

AH: Alright, Deater. Is this — Deater? Is this all you have to say over and over again? Just: I suck Peter’s dick and I’m a fucking thirsty whore?

Deater: After years and years and years, when it doesn’t make sense, there’s something fucking going on. There is something going on. When it doesn’t make sense, you don’t go, “Oh does it make sense?” and you just move on. There is something going on. It doesn’t make any sense.

AH: Something going on with what? With what? Make a specific claim, fucko. With what? What is going on?

Deater: My claim is: you’re a thirsty bitch that doesn’t give a fuck about Bitcoin and you’re here just to amuse yourself and lead people down the wrong fucking path.

AH: How have I led people down the wrong path? How?

Deater: People don’t need to be listening to Peter McCormack. Period. Because —

AH: Because — how?

Deater: Because you’re rubbing elbows with a fucking scammer.

AH: Oh—uh-huh. And that’s me leading people down the wrong path? How?

Deater: Yes. You rubbing elbows with a fucking scammer leads people down the wrong path.

AH: Hey! You Tweet at him all the time and you give him engagement and attention. So you’re rubbing elbows with him also.

Deater: No —

AH: Yeah-yeah, yeah.

Deater: I’m telling him he’s a little bitch and hoping he gets nut cancer. So it’s just: fuck Peter, fuck you, fuck these fucking phonies.

AH: You’re giving him all this tasty engagement. Dude, when he goes on Twitter and does this stupid trolly bullshit and then you take the bait, is that not giving him engagement and raising his profile?

Deater: I don’t give a fuck.

AH: Okay, but that’s what you’re doing. That’s what you’re doing.

Deater: I’m just here to say: Peter sucks, you suck. That’s why I’m here. You suck, and Peter sucks. Peter doesn’t give a fuck about Bitcoin.

AH: We didn’t need to do this in audio if this was all you were gonna say. We should’ve done this in text, because you could’ve just Tweeted at me 30 times about how I’m a thirsty whore.

Deater: Peter doesn’t give a fuck about Bitcoin. Here’s here to milk the scene. That’s it. Dude, if you do any research on like, How does someone garner a following? The rule no. 1 is finding niche groups and get a foot-hold in it. That is literally rule no. 1.

AH: Yeah, he’s an influencer. Yeah. Deater, I know. I used to do content for a living, okay? Like, I’m well aware.

Deater: Okay, well then I guess you’ve failed and just sucked ass at it. So, like, that’s it. Dude — Peter’s a fucking phony. Why do you want to associate yourself with that? Why?

AH: Dude, because I have my own ends. That’s why I go on Peter’s podcast.

Deater: That’s not an answer. Don’t be a little bitch.

AH: I have my own ends.

Deater: Don’t be a little bitch. Peter is a bona fide phony and a scammer. Why do you want to associate with him?

AH: What is the scam? What scam is he running?

Deater: The scam is: if you’re being a fucking phony, it means you’re misleading people to your own advantage. He doesn’t give a fuck about Bitcoin.

AH: So Deater, if you don’t post a picture of your dick — are you a phony? Because you said you would do that.

Deater: Whatever, dude.

AH: So you would be a phony in that instance. So you gotta post a picture of your dick if you wanna keep it real, dawg. Everybody heard it.

Deater: Whatever, dude. If you want to be a fucking clown, be a clown.

AH: Okay. Show an Opendime for scale, please. We need to actually confirm if it’s 7.34 like you said.

Deater: It’s actually 7.75.

AH: Okay that’s very impressive. You know—hat’s off to you, sir. Uhhh, but I’m gonna need that Opendime for scale, okay?

Deater: I…busted up my — I literally took a sledgehammer and busted up my Opendimes because fucking NVK is a fucking — he’s a fucking simp-herder too, dude.

AH: He’s a scammer? NVK’s a scammer? That’s what you’re saying?

Deater: No. It’s: attract the simps, corral the simps, milk the simps. That’s just what they do, okay? NVK cares more about extracting value from his followers than he does about Bitcoin. Period.

AH: Seems to be the Robert Breedlove kind of deal.

Deater: That goes for you, that goes for Peter, that goes for all these fucking guys.

AH: Dude, NVK is a businessman with a product, and it’s a great product. It’s a Bitcoin-only product — you should watch your fucking mouth.

Deater: Okay — yeah yeah yeah yeah. Do your little fucking spiel because Oh my God, we can’t rock the boat because what if they kick me out of the circle jerk crew?

AH: No I just like NVK. He provides a lot of value to the space, Deater. You provide nothing. You provide fucking nothing. Why is this a circle jerk? Everyone in this fucking chat owns a ColdCard? Why is this a circle jerk to say that NVK is fucking good for the space and provides a lot of value? Are you retarded?

Deater: What I’m saying is: he cares more about extracting value from the space than he does about providing value [for] the space. And that’s what I’m starting to see.

AH: He created the first Bitcoin-only hardware wallet — how is he not providing value to the space?

Deater: I don’t give a fuck what he does. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter.

AH: What value have you ever provided to this space, Deater?

Deater: What the fuck have you done, dude?

AH: Nothing. Nothing. But what have you done?

Deater: Right — nothing. Yeah, nothing! I’ve done nothing. But I’ve been here for a long fucking time, and I know when someone’s being fucking fake, and when someone’s being fucking real.

AH: I know, I’m aware. Dude you just call everybody fake. That’s what you do. And yet you won’t post a picture of your dick like you said you were going to. No, you’re fake. You’re fake, dude.

Deater: No I don’t! I do not think that everyone is fake.

AH: You literally made that claim that you were gonna post a picture of your dick and now you won’t do it.

Deater: Let me just go through: I think @PsychedelicBart is real as fuck. I think @piratebeachbum2 is real as fuck.

AH: I’m gonna need to see that dick, my guy. To prove that you’re not fake, you know? — drop your pants. Let’s see what you got going on.

Deater: Whatever, dude. Everyone knows you’re a thirsty bitch. That’s it. You’re a thirsty bitch. Okay? I could have zero — [loses audio connection to Twitter Spaces]

AH: Deater we’re gonna need to see that dick, okay my guy? We’re gonna need pictures with something for scale. It doesn’t have to be an Opendime, you know? It could be a BlockClock. It could be a Trezor, a Ledger. Whatever you got around. Whatever’s handy. We’re gonna need that though. It can’t be a Google Image thing. You gotta prove it’s your real dick, okay? Bitcoin dick. Everybody please pressure Deater on Twitter to post a picture of his dick. He said he was going to, and if he wants to prove that he’s not a phony, that’s what he will need to do. In order to prove that he’s not a phony.

Host: I’ll welcome Peter to the debate. Since Deater has left, I’ll bring a couple other people on here.

Peter McCormack: Has he left?

AH: I think Deater has gone.

Host: I think he glitched out.

AH: I hope that was entertaining for everybody involved.

Host: Give you two a spot at the next conference and just like—do that. And I’ll listen for three hours. For three hours I’ll listen to it.

Peter McCormack: Hi HODL.

AH: What’s up peeps. Is Deater coming back or what?

[Unidentified 1]: Yo Peter, I found out recently that you’re a spook.

Peter McCormack: Yeah, it is true — I work for MI6.

[Unidentified 1]: What’s your plan on Bitcoin? What are you trying to do? How are you trying to attack Bitcoin?

AH: You’re trying to pacify the plebs.

[Unidentified 1]: Yo they are the most dumbest motherfuckers — I’ve seen a lot of people in this space, but DeaterBob and the rest of his fucking friends are probably the dumbest motherfuckers I’ve ever encountered in Bitcoin. And that’s including all the fork wars from like the Bitcoin Classic days. So if you’re following DeaterBob, or you find any value in him — block me, because you’re a fucking idiot.

[unidentified #2 22:42]: HODL, is this a literal dick-measuring contest?

[Unidentified 1]: I think so. I think that’s what we got going on right now.

AH: We should end this Spaces because I did tell Deater on Twitter it was just gonna be me and him. And there was not gonna be a bunch of people up on stage talking shit about him. So now that he’s not here, it doesn’t feel right. So, I’m gonna bounce —

[Unidentified 1]: You can tell him that I was here and that I said he’s a fucking idiot.

Peter McCormack: Why does anyone give him any airtime and not just have him blocked? He’s an absolute moron.

[Unidentified 1]: I’m unfollowing people and muting people that bring him up to my Twitter feed, because it’s fucking getting annoying.

[Unidentified #2 23:16]: HODL I literally just texted you what Peter just said. You’re just giving this guy attention, man.

AH: Yeah it was entertaining though, wasn’t it? I thought it was fun.

[Unidentified]: Well, he’s an idiot, so…[inaudible 23:27]

AH: Hey listen — I’m gonna bounce, because I told him I wouldn’t get up here, [inaudible 23:32], and talk shit about him.

Stoney Bitson: Hey HODL!

AH: What’s up, Stoney you little faggot!

Stoney Bitson: Hey, fuck-face.

AH: What’s up, fucko?

Stoney Bitson: Hey, will you shut the fuck up for 2 seconds? Like when we did that one podcast with Svetski?

AH: Go ahead.

Stoney Bitson: Okay, cool. I’m gonna [inaudible 23:49] you fucking spook. Answer one question for me — it’s all I need to know: why did you disappear off of Twitter as soon as I said that you were working for McCormack? You were trying to recruit plebs —

AH: Listen, I took a break from Twitter.

Stoney Bitson: Yeah sure you did.

AH: I took a break from Twitter because I’m addicted to Twitter, okay? And also, I got banned, okay? Which you know about. We consistently get banned all the fucking time. You get banned a little less than me.

Stoney Bitson: When has that ever stopped you before?

AH: Dude, I just took a break, dude, because I’m addicted to Twitter. That’s why.

Peter McCormack: Stoney — I’m here. You can talk to me and address me directly if you want.

AH: I mean yeah your bullshit about me being paid by fucking Peter is fucking retarded—I don’t get paid by Peter. [inaudible 24:39]

Stoney Bitson: No I fucking met Peter at Tone Vay’s conference in 2019 outside of the D Hotel. And from then on, your intentions are fucking garbage. You have this fake outrage about who —

Peter McCormack: Let’s talk about this.

Stoney Bitson: No. Fuck you.

Peter McCormack: Well you kind of are talking about them. So let’s do it. I’m happy to talk. You’ve got a pair of bollocks. We can talk through it.

Stoney Bitson: I don’t know what bollocks are, because I’m not a fucking cuck-Brit-loser like you are.

Peter McCormack: Uh, they’re the things between your legs. But we can talk about it, or you can just shout swear words. It’s up to you, but if you want to ask me any questions, I’m here.

Stoney Bitson: Okay. So, interesting story with BitClout and Robert Breed-scam, right?

Peter McCormack: That has nothing to do with me.

Stoney Bitson: Shut the fuck up, Peter. Shut the fuck up. So he [inaudible 25:39] BitClout scam because he probably got rekt trading, because half the influencers on Bitcoin Twitter can’t just HODL like they pretend they do. They just fucking LARP, because they’re trying to make a “living” in the Bitcoin space — which is nearly impossible. Why do you think I just do what I actually do? And provide value to people and businesses? Because there isn’t any money hucking Bitcoin to people besides people like you who promote shitcoin exchanges like Kraken and fucking Gemini.

[Unidentified]: Why do you have a problem with people making money?

Stoney Bitson: I don’t have a problem with people making money. I have a problem with affinity scammers.

[Unidentified]: What’s the affinity scam?

Stoney Bitson: Using your personality and persona and your following to shill fucking garbage on people.

[Unidentified 26:37]: What’s garbage? What do you consider garbage?

Stoney Bitson: Gemini, Kraken, any one of Peter’s fucking shitty-ass exchanges who pay him ad revenue.

[Unidentified]: Where do you buy your Bitcoin?

Stoney Bitson: I buy KYC-free Bitcoin. I’ve done that for a long time.

[Unidentified]: So anyone that doesn’t buy KYC-free Bitcoin [are] virtue-signalling assholes?

Stoney Bitson: No and you know where else I buy it from? River—Bitcoin-only.

[Unidentified]: River’s only in America in like 47 states.

Stoney Bitson: What about Strike you dumb fuck?

[Unidentified]: Strike is Lightning. You’re not buying hundreds of thousands of dollars on Strike.

Stoney Bitson: You can loop out.

[Unidentified]: You can loop out, but what I’m saying is when you’re trying to buy any considerable amount of Bitcoin, there’s certain products you have to go to. You have no choice.

Stoney Bitson: Yes you can. I can buy $20,000 of Bitcoin on the app right now.

[Unidentified]: You can. Everybody can’t.

Stoney Bitson: Yes you can. You can go ask Jack Mallers — because he’s a fucking gangster — and ask him to up your limits. That’s it.

Peter McCormack: Stoney? One second. Can I make one point, please?

Host: Let each person make their point, please.

Stoney Bitson: No, fuck these people. All they do is try and control narratives.

[Unidentified]: Why should anyone listen to what you’re saying? Give me one reason.

Peter McCormack: Oh, God. Can someone just mute — Stoney?

Stoney Bitson: I stack Bitcoin and I provide actual value to people.

[Unidentified]: You stack Bitcoin? I stack Bitcoin too. Why should people listen to me? Because I’m stacking Bitcoin? Dude, everyone who’s here stacks Bitcoin you dumb fuck.

AH: Dude, saying you stack Bitcoin is fucking retarded. By the way, I don’t do anything for Bitcoin either. I do nothing.

Stoney Bitson, in British accent: “Hi, I’m Peter and I need to be the moderator because I need to control. I need absolute control, all the time.” Oh, fuck you.

Peter McCormack: No, I don’t — Stoney. Stoney. Let someone speak. Just let someone speak. All I’m asking is for you to let me speak for 1 second and just say: I’m more than willing to stay here and answer your questions. If you’re just gonna yell and talk over people, there’s no benefit to anyone. So I might as well just leave.

Stoney Bitson: That’s hilarious.

Peter McCormack: There’s a bunch of people here who probably want to listen to this. I’m here — happy to answer any questions. But if you’re just gonna yell and swear, it’s not particularly productive. But if you can just calm yourself down, I’ll answer any of your questions. You’ve got a free-for-all to ask me any questions you’d like. And I’ll answer you.

Stoney Bitson: You’re a fucking loser. I think you’re a fucking loser. That’s the end. End of the story: you’re a fucking loser, and you try to control narratives.

Peter McCormack: I’m not trying to control the narratives.

Stoney Bitson: And you buddy up with people and ask favors all the time. That’s all you do. And then, you’re such a fucking loser that you’ve been trying to co-opt people for years. And you’re a failure when you do that, then you just block them because they can’t be controlled like you want to. That’s what this is.

Peter McCormack: Again: if you want to ask me any questions, I will answer your questions. All I’m asking you is to be mildly civilized, and not yell over them.

Stoney Bitson: Okay, I’ll be civilized. You ready? Why is every single one of your ad-based revenue — people that pay you money — why are they all shitcoin scams, or do things with rehypothecation? Every single one of them. Why?

Peter McCormack: Okay. Which sponsor do you want to go with first? You pick one and then I’ll tell you why they sponsor the show.

Stoney Bitson: You can go through all of them because they all fucking blow. Start with Block-Fi.

Peter McCormack: So the reason I allow Block-Fi to be a sponsor of the show is because they have a Bitcoin product. From the very start, with all the sponsors I said, If you have a Bitcoin product, I’m happy to work with you. Now, have you seen the valuation that Block-Fi has?

Stoney Bitson: I don’t care what valuation Block-Fi has. I don’t give a shit what they’re worth.

Peter McCormack: Okay. Well they’re worth $5 billion. They are supplying something that the market wants and that people are willing to use. Now you don’t have to use it, and you can tell people not to use it, but they’re providing a product that enough people want to use that they’re worth $5 billion. Now the free market has said, This product is worthy. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t be worth $5 billion.

Stoney Bitson: The free market. There is no fucking free market. Look at the stock market right now. It’s a fucking scam. The whole thing’s a scam. The Federal Reserve is buying $120 billion of mortgage-backed securities per month. The whole thing is a lie. There is no free market.

Peter McCormack: Okay. Stoney, so there’s no free market—but there is a market. And there is a product out there that enough people want to use that its value becomes $5 billion. So the market wants this product — I allow them to sponsor. I specifically said to them, “I will only ever promote your Bitcoin products.” They want to work with me, and I want to work with them. I encourage people to do their own research. When people message me and they ask me how much Bitcoin do I keep with them, I would say never more than 20%. But it’s up to people. Not everybody needs to be mothered by you, Stoney. Some people want to make their own decisions, and the market wants this product. So that’s Block-Fi covered. Who do you want next?

Stoney Bitson: That is the best corporate shill I have ever heard in my life. Congratulations.

Peter McCormack: Fine. That’s fine.

Stoney Bitson: Okay, next question about Block-Fi: why don’t you have them on, and have them talk about how grossly incompetent they are between their hacks of people’s personal data, and sending 700 Bitcoin instead of $700–45,000 times the amount they were supposed to — how more of an incompetent company do you have to be to drop them as a sponsor? How much lower do your moral standards have to be to drop them as a sponsor?

Peter McCormack: Okay. So there’s a couple of things to unpack here. So for every sponsor we have something called a contract, which has a —

Stoney Bitson: No — just answer my question: when does your morality cause you to discontinue having them as someone who pays you money?

Peter McCormack: Okay, again: I’m gonna answer your question, I’m just gonna ask you to not yell over me as I speak. One of your points was, When are you going to drop them? I was making the point: we have a contract. And the contract has specific terms, term lengths, and how contracts can be ended. That is a contract, right? So that why even if I wanted to drop them, there are some considerations. Second point: yes — they’ve had some things which have been mistakes. Almost every single company in the world operates on some form of software — occasionally something will happen that’ll go wrong. I’m not supportive of that. Also, with every single sponsor I have, I have a condition that if they’re gonna sponsor the podcast, they have to come on the show and answer the questions that need answering. So for example, when Ledger approached me and wanted to come on the show, I made the point to Pascal: you can only become a sponsor if you’re willing to come on the show and answer all the questions that come from the audience, so we can build a better relationship between these companies and the people and the things that might go wrong. So I would be more than willing to have Zach on the show. I’d be more than willing to ask him questions about that. That’s not a problem at all. Next question?

Stoney Bitson: So are you just gonna give him lay-up questions, not specifically, “How are your systems so grossly negligent that you sent 45,000 times the purchasing power you were supposed to to clients?” 700 Bitcoin instead of $700.

Peter McCormack. Okay. So, they obviously had some bug or breakdown in their system and I’d be more than willing to ask him about that.

Stoney Bitson: That’s a huge bug, that’s not a bug. That’s a massive oversight by morons.

Peter McCormack. Stoney, let me frame it a different way for you. If I approached every interview the way you did — yelling at people, calling them cucks and cunts — one thing would happen: I won’t have any guests in the future and I won’t have any listeners and it won’t work.

Stoney Bitson: Yeah because there’s no value there.

Peter McCormack: One thing I’m quite good at is understanding how to [conduct] good interviews. You’re good at digging holes. If I tried digging holes and building walls, I would be terrible. If you tried to do an interview, you would be terrible and nobody would listen. Now I’m more than willing to get Zach on and ask those questions. Not a problem. What’s your next question?

Stoney Bitson: You didn’t answer the question.

Peter McCormack: So they had a breakdown in their processes that led to somebody being sent more Bitcoin than they should have been. Bitcoin that wasn’t theirs — and that was a mistake. Okay. Am I gonna drop them as a sponsor for that? No I’m not.

[Stoney Bitson cuts out]

[Unidentified 36:11]: I don’t think you need to answer any more questions, Peter. It’s pretty obvious what was going on.

Peter McCormack: Look, I get it. He’s angry. I could have Bitcoin-only sponsors, Bitcoin-only guests, run a node, I could give all my Bitcoin away — he’ll find a reason to hate and be angry. He’s obviously [inaudible 36:26] and he’s a bit of a moron and needs to yell and make lies up and whatever. So be it.

Sapiens: So you just mentioned it and this was my question: why don’t you have Bitcoin-only sponsors?

Peter McCormack: I have Casa, which is a Bitcoin-only sponsor. And to have other sponsors, like I have a rate, and if people come and pay the rate, they can. Now I gave a massive discount to Casa because I think it’s an important service and I want to support them. But I also have a team: I have an assistant, I have a video guy, I have a producer, I have an audio engineer, I travel around the world trying to learn about Bitcoin projects and promote Bitcoin projects — that comes with a cost. Sadly, the cost of doing this is not supported by Bitcoin-only companies. Now if it would be, I would love that. But it can’t. They can’t afford my rates. So I have a rule: I will work with you if you have a Bitcoin product, and I will only promote your Bitcoin product. Now that’s not perfect for some people because they want pure Bitcoin purity. Fine. I get it. I’m just not doing that. My policy on sponsors has never changed. It’s been up on my website site, it’s always been: if you have a Bitcoin product, I will promote it.