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AH: If he does show up this is going to be like having a conversation with a homeless person outside a convenience store, but I think it’ll have a lot of entertainment value, so…It was funny, Deater said he was gonna punch me, and I was like, Bro, you’re like…

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Michael Saylor 0:08
So that’s mobile payments and then retail banks. If you go to commercial banking, well with commercial banks you’ve got treasury services for companies, and you’ve got credit lines. So corporations — like individuals in a way — I’ve got a…

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Michael Saylor 0:10
We just finished discussing the proof of work mining network and the seven layers of security: energy, technology, politics, finance, the network itself, the spatial security, the temporal security. So what you have is you have Bitcoin as a decentralized crypto-asset…

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Michael Saylor 1:28
So we’re talking about the seven layers of security of the proof of work network, and the first layer is energy, the second layer is technology, the third layer is political. In all these cases, Bitcoin is becoming more secure, more…

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Robert Breedlove 1:27
So we’ve talked about Bitcoin and how it’s dematerializing these critical security functions traditionally provided by banks and/or governments, and it’s doing this through this proof of work security model. But you’ve laid out this framework that I think is very…

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